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There has been a profound impact on the arts, culture and small businesses as the pressures exerted by the global health crisis has affected the creative economy. Projects, exhibitions and independent retail have been cancelled or made impossible to sustain. 

We need to show solidarity in these most extraordinary of moments and work together to do something about this. 

The Creative Relief Collective is an online directory, connecting the creative industry with consumers, clients and those of us with the means to help. Individuals can learn, follow and support local businesses and creative while maintaining the preventative measures needed to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

We encourage everyone to join the Creative Relief Collective and share this with friends, families, neighbours and the online community. You can follow and share via @CreativeReliefCollective. 

Social distancing must be practiced, but with your help we can face the economic challenges that come with it as a community through unity, positivity and strength in numbers. 

Creative Relief Collective Members

Emily May Rose

Emily May Rose is an award-winning artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Based on her own experiences, Emily’s work features a cast of recurring characters (most notably her weed-smoking, pizza-eating raccoons) to depict humorous situations that are relatable to many of us who are trying to survive in an urban environment. Her work can be found in many formats including murals, editorial illustration, apparel design, installations, and gallery settings. Her murals can be found all over the world where she's painted in street art festivals, artist residencies, and other commissions during her various travels.

Hitoshi Murakami

Hitoshi is a Co-Founder of Hello Studios, and Northern Contemporary, housing Northern Contemporary Gallery and a shared artist studio, home to over 30 artists.

With over 10 years experience as a curator, photographer, and print production, Hitoshi is currently focused on creating platforms for artists to create and exhibit their work. 

Joshua James

Joshua James is the co-founder of several staple platforms in Toronto including Sleeping Giant Gallery, Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto Designers Market, 36 Chambers Studios and the Parkdale Flea. He has dedicated the better part of the past 13 years to building up the art and design industry in the west end of Toronto and continues to support designers and the emerging arts.

Marcus Kan

"As the owner of Toronto Designers Market, I know cash flow is one of the major struggles local businesses are facing right now. Many of them do not have a backup plan so if you do not want their dreams to end after the crisis, this is the time I urge you to donate so we can save their businesses. “

Vincent Luk

Vincent Luk is a Toronto based photographer & videographer. He is the Co-Founder of Hello Studios, owner of Northern Contemporary and creator/organizer of the Parkdale Flea. He has considerable experience working with local communities and organizations in sharing their stories through different visual mediums. His award-winning photography and video work have taken him across the globe, and his photographs have been exhibited in numerous galleries around Toronto. 

As the Program Manager and instructor for the Fleming College Environmental Visual Communication Post-Graduate Program based at the Royal Ontario Museum, Vincent mentors future wildlife photographers and videographers who are passionate about environmental issues.

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